Creating wordclouds in R

An overview of how I wasted my time making wordclouds in R!

Spiral sound waves

Creating artisitc visualisations of sound waves on a spiral

Radiohead colour palettes

Creating unsupervised(ish) colour palettes in R from Radiohead album cover artwork - code and explanation of my thought process

Character glyphs in R

My journey towards gaining control over character glyphs and their outline coordinates in R

Google location data visualisation

Visualising our location data whilst on Honeymoon in the "upside down" (New Zealand). Making use of ggmap and the tidyverse.

A programmatic way of producing nematic liquid crystal alignment diagrams in R

Creation of nematic LC schematic alignment diagrams using my lcdiagrammer package

The rolling shutter and the propeller

Coding a simulation of the rolling shutter camera effect on an aeroplane propeller in R

R miscellany

Bits and bobs of R code - useful snippets for reference